that aha! moment

     Aha! is a full-service architecture and design counseling company.  It is a small, highly responsive, community-based practice with offices on the Gulf Coast of Florida and in the Pacific Northwest. 

The company was founded on the belief that the benefits of design should be available across all economic boundaries, and that we act as a guide for individuals, organizations, and leaders to help refine and make manifest their visions.  

The name of the company was taken from the words that define us; architecture, humanity, and awareness.  The initials, aha, also pay tribute to the most important part of any vision; that of the “Eureka moment!”.  It is the finding of that moment that forms the core of all of our design work and is the foundation upon which we use to help you grow your idea.

The firm has two missions; one is to give individuals, organizations and civic leaders easy access to professional design assistance, guide them through normally complex design processes, and enable the coexistence of low construction costs with design that is extremely responsive to human needs.  The second mission is to work in congruence with our neighborhoods, local cultures and our natural world.  We provide assistance in helping to solve the endemic problems that are twisted through our built environment; the ones that serve to alienate us from our communities and our natural world.  Just as we broker solutions between the typical players in any development, so too do we lend a hand in negotiating this congruent way of inhabiting our natural and man-made worlds.