After the tragedy of the Surfside Condo collapse, Florida Senate Bill 4-D was passed to help protect the wellbeing and safety of people that live in condos. The bill states that all condominiums and cooperative associates that are three stories or more must have a "Milestone Inspection" when the building reaches:

- 30 years of age and every 10 years after, or
- 25 years of age and every 10 years after if the building is within 3 miles of a coastline.

Nearly 1 million buildings across Florida must have an initial Inspection by December 31, 2024. Aha Studio has developed an experienced and competent team of Architects, Engineers specialty subconsultants, that have a long track record of forensic building investigations. With a history of hundreds of private provider inspections already, near 40+ years of multistory building design, and continued work with condo associations and developers, the Aha Studio Milestone Inspection team is more than capable of providing clear, comprehensive and timely forensic inspections. With extensive knowledge of local building code, we can help identify and address potential and current key areas of concern, thus providing your condo association with a plan of action.

Inspections and Planning Handout


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