Who Are We?

aha studio Is comprised of friends who, when working steadily in their respective fields, had an “aHA!” moment and realized that by working together we could provide valuable overlapping skills, that ultimately become invaluable to our clients and our work.

We love interesting and complex problems, it allows us to sink our teeth into creative and thoughtful solutions. We are a part of a large community of designers, subcontractors and consultants, who we draw upon for expertise, should the need arise. At the end of the day we strive to bring the same fun and enjoyment we take from our work to your ideas and projects.

Paul has been on the drawing boards since the age of 20. During these first 40 years he has been designing projects mostly throughout the US but with an increasing breadth to the practice with projects completed as far away as New Zealand, and West Africa. In his work, Paul strives to connect buildings, cultures and people. Paul has a Masters degree in Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and architectural licenses in five states, as well as the NCARB (national) certificate. He has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Europe and Oceania, has blue-water sailing experience in the Pacific, competed in regional triathlons (great effort was given and much fun was had, but the results were rather embarrassing :-) and rides his motorcycle as much as he can. If you click on the following link, you can read about his recent travels and work on a project in Mali, West Africa. bamakototimbuktu.wordpress.com/

Paul Ries

Principal Architect

paul@aha-archstudio.comPersonal BioResume

Luis has been working in the world of architecture and construction in different countries for more than 25 years. A native of Madrid, Spain, he studied at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and at the University of Alcala. Luis's specialty is historic preservation, and he also enjoys creating modern residential and commercial spaces where people can feel happy and comfortable. A dedicated husband and father, Luis always enjoys creating new things - as demonstrated through his passion for gardening, cheesemaking and carpentry, among other interests.

Luis Moyano

Senior Project Designer

Natalia has spent much of her life creating art, exploring the outdoors, and seeking to understand new ideas. Her dedication to these things brought her to the University of Oregon, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and a minor in interior architecture. Natalia aims to approach projects with a holistic perspective, dedicated to creating environmentally sustainable, community-oriented, inclusive designs. When she is not designing, she spends her time creating art, playing the guitar, traveling, and exploring the outdoors.

Natalia Corbitt

Project Designer

Noah is a Graphisoft Certified BIM Manger, Technology Director, 3d Sculptor and Surfer. Noah has had a colorful life, growing up in Hawaii, living in the PNW and traveling around the world. This has developed a deep love for the natural world and cultures. You can find Noah playing the Japanese Shamisen, surfing, fishing in Alaska, creating IFC models and developing website and technical framework for companies, he is always willing to tackle any challenge thrown at him.

Noah Walters

BIM & Technology Manager

Steve has over 20 years of experience in the design and documentation of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. A St Petersburg native, Steve has deep roots in the community and is able to serve our clients with not only technical expertise, but local knowledge as well.  Steve is intimately familiar with the expectations of the local building permitting jurisdictions, the members of the local building industry, and the techniques and systems that are required for building in this climate zone. He is a Green Bay Packers fan and it is fun to watch him travel that road during the NFL season.

Steve Podraza

Project Designer