Aha is a full-service architecture and design counseling company. It is a highly responsive, community-based practice with offices on the Gulf Coast of Florida and in the Pacific Northwest. We were founded on the belief that the benefits of design should be available across all economic boundaries, and to act as a guide for individuals, organizations, and leaders to help refine and manifest their visions.

The name of the company was taken from the words that define us; architecture, humanity, and awareness. The initials, aha, also pay tribute to the most important part of any vision; that of the “Eureka moment!”. It is the finding of that moment that forms the core of all of our design work and is the foundation upon which we use to help you grow your idea.












Complete Project List

 Typical design and development services include:

Development services; master planning; feasibility analysis; appeals and zoning analysis; zone map amendments and comprehensive plan amendments; land divisions; site evaluations; existing condition surveys; comparative design studies and computer modeling; permit applications; full spectrum of design - new developments through adaptive re-use of old buildings; conceptual design sketches; construction cost estimates; pre-purchase ”design potential” inspections; property inventories; post occupancy evaluations; ADA compliance audits and lease negotiation assistance; color consulting; and interior design.

Residential design (new single and multi-family homes, renovations, adaptive re-use) in the U.S. since 1977.  Commercial and public design in the US, New Zealand, Australia, West Africa, Thailand and other Pacific rim countries since 1983. 

Commercial projects include Multi-family; Hospitality (resorts, urban hotels and retreats); Health Care (medical and dental office buildings, hospitals, elder-care); Public Safety (911, community policing centers);  Community and Government (libraries, city halls); Offices, Retail, Restaurant, Music (recording studios), and Business Aviation.  Local public and commercial clients have included: Non-Governmental Agencies; City Bureaus; Public School Districts; City and County Administrations; Federal Bureaus (BLM, FWS, National Parks); and, Port Districts.


In all of our projects, we seek to better understand the connection between landscape, architecture and community. We start by working with the seminal ideas from you and guiding the process in a way that enables your ideas to become manifest and congruent with not just the project requirements, but the natural and cultural systems in which the project is located.

"Paul turns dreams, hopes, wishes, half-glimpsed aspirations into reality. That is his talent and his gift to his clients. It starts with his really listening, not just to the client's words, but what he senses behind the words; and on seeing the final result one realizes that, "yes, that's what I wanted - I didn't know it would look like that, but that's it" It isn't a quick process, but nothing worthwhile ever is. The creation of something one will live in, live with, that will be an important part of one's life necessarily has a complex gestation - a gentle, full coming to fruition. This co-creation (architect and clients) is itself an art form and we feel lucky we engaged in it with Paul."

-Scott F.
... I have valued the ease of conversation and extent of communication and have been very favorably impressed by your professionalism and humanity...

-Chuck K.
"...It's wonderful to work with someone who has a real passion for his profession and seems to really care about getting you what you want...a true professional who knows his craft, he is so much fun to work with personally..."

-Alex R.
"...My development style is to do what others cannot while under great pressure and time constraints. Paul seems to work well in this environment and has always been willing to step up and get the job done under these circumstances..."

-Terrell G
"...Listened to our stream of conscious ramblings and came up with a visually exciting, plan... communicated quickly, responded to our questions at length, took our concerns to heart, and was patient with us when we were distracted from the process - it was fascinating to watch him come up with creative and aesthetically pleasing solutions..."

-Catherine and Michael P.
"...From the very first appointment Paul showed us that he was different from the staid corporate architects...it was the time he took to get to know our interests, likes/dislikes and desires that truley made the difference..."

-Jon N.
"...grateful for all the guidance... from picking a framer to choosing paint color and other finishes..."

-Ivan W.
"...Patiently, creatively, and confidently through the many challenges, including the complicated change of occupancy process that this project necessitated... listener; he skillfully and creatively works through problems - even on the fly; he is extremely flexible and patient throughout the design process; and perhaps most importantly, in our very complex project, he was absolutely masterful in working with the city through all of the necessary stages..."

-Lili S.
"...consistently provides detailed drawings that are both clear and concise that always addresses the building code as well as show his desire to make spaces more interesting that provide light, energy savings, good spatial composition and designed in such a way that is easy to construct thus saving money for the owner...Paul has a great sense of humor and a true love of architecture..."

Peter D.