The Urban Stillhouse was designed with creativity and customization in mind. A 16,000 square-foot facility that features three private dining rooms, an outdoor patio, three bars, and a large upstairs space, "the library", as well as the main dining floor. Aha Studio was tasked with getting the business up and running as soon as possible, within a budget that makes sense operationally and with a design that was appealing to all parties. The project started with developing a clear floor plan that laid out equipment and spaces in a schematic way. Then, identifying and documenting items for demolition to allow clear working space for new work and temporary use space for cashflow and events. After, Aha Studio worked with the owner to design spaces and features that met their vision and needs in compliance with engineering concepts and city code. Such as, a lounge, bar, restaurant and retail area. Including non-operational distilling equipment and accoutrements. This is followed by interior designing and furnishing based on branding ideas and design concepts. The American Freedom Distillery was a fantastic challenge to tackle. In all projects, we find ourselves juggling opinions from the property owners, contractors, our designers and various others involved in the project, all while trying to maintaining our budget boundaries. A challenging project but ultimately rewarding for our crew and our clients.